Biotronic SE Forte
Naturally ahead in dynamic acidification!

Biotronic SE Forte work to improve feed hygiene, through the reduction of pH and buffer capacity, and control of gram negative bacteria such as Salmonella sp. and E. coli. Through this, the spoilage or recontamination of compound feed is minimised while maintaining its nutritional value and extending its storage time.
As the pH and microbial burden in the animal’s gastrointestinal (GI) tract is reduced, beneficial microflora is maintained, which ensures a healthy gut. Growth performance is enhanced and the risk of intestinal disorders subsequently reduced.
Biotronic SE Forte are suitable for poultry, calves and fish. By combining different acids through their synergistic or complementary action the efficacy of products is optimized. Moreover, the solid-form acidifier contains the Sequential Release Medium (SRM). The special SRM carrier ensures a gradual release of active ingredients in the feed and GI tract.

Mode of action
Biotronic SE Forte target both feed and the GI tract. Organic acids tend to dissociate and release protons, reducing pH value of the environment and buffer capacity. Reduction of pH value in feed creates unfavourable conditions for pathogenic bacteria.
In addition, a low pH in feed complements a lower gastric pH, activating pepsin and pancreatic enzymes, and supporting the chelation of minerals. The strong bactericidal effect of undissociated organic acids appears due to penetration through the bacterial cell wall and disruption of the metabolism of gram negative bacteria such as Salmonella sp. or E coli.

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