Biomin IMBO
Naturally ahead in gut health!

Biomin IMBO helps to establish, maintain and stabilize beneficial gut microflora. Infection resistance in animals is improved through the combined effects of probiotics, prebiotics and health stimulating substances. Immunological cost savings are realized, with more energy available for performance.

Young animals, due to underdeveloped gut microflora and immature immune systems, are highly susceptible to pathogenic infections which result in poor performance. To withstand these pathogens, a protective gut microflora and an optimized unspecific immune system are crucial.


Mode of action

  • The probiotic strain Enterococcus faecium keeps away pathogens - a beneficial gut microflora is established and maintained.
  • Prebiotic fructo-oligosaccharides selectively stimulate the growth of beneficial Bifidobacteria in the large intestine (“bifidogenic effect”) and thus defeat pathogens.
  • Cell wall fragments strengthen the innate immune system. They modulate important cells of the immune system and thereby improve resistance to infections. Cell wall fragments also block specific receptor-binding sites for pathogens and help to prevent pathogen adherence.
  • Phycophytic substances are derived from sea algae. Together with phytogenic matters, they strengthen the anatomic barrier against the invasion of pathogenic bacteria.


  • Beneficial gut microflora are quickly established and stabilised
  • Boosts the growth of beneficial bacteria
  • Enhanced immunity and improved resistance against infections
  • Improved weight gains
  • Improved feed conversion
  • Decreased mortality
  • No withdrawal times

Biomin IMBO is mixed directly into finished feed. For young animals, incidence of high risk of infections and incidence of high mortality is reduced.

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