Mycofix Plus
Naturally ahead in mycotoxin risk management


Mycofix Plus is using from five modules to ensure a specific solution:
Synergistic blend of minerals
Processed and activated for selective adsorption of mycotoxins. The system for ensuring total Biomin quality, following all ISO 9001 standards, ensures the highest quality and certified deactivation levels for each batch.
Mycotoxins with polar functional groups, such as Aflatoxins, are inactivated due to a process of adsorption and molecule fixation to the adsorbent component of Mycofix Plus. The activation process patented by Biomin, at which the mineral components of the product are subjected, as well as the active surface area and pore size of these same minerals, provide Mycofix Plus with an absolutely selective and totally stable “binding” capacity.

Biological Constituent
It is capable of degrading the molecules of Trichothecenes and Zearalenone, breaking specific functional groups. The metabolites resulting from this reaction are completely inert and non-toxic to the animal organism.
Mycotoxins, less polar than Aflatoxins, cannot be adsorbed and fixed in a sufficiently effective way. Mycofix Plus was supplemented with a biological constituent capable of deactivating these mycotoxins, degrading its molecule by disrupting vital functional groups such as 12, 13 in all Epoxy in all Trichothecenes (T-2, DON, DAS, etc.) and hydrolyzing the ester compound of Zearalenone, converting them into completely inactive metabolites and nontoxic to the animal organism.

BBSH 797
This live organism developed and patented by Biomin proliferates in the digestive tract of the animal and produces enzymes that neutralize and inactivate mycotoxins. In addition, BBSH 797 prevents pathogenic bacteria from settling in the animal body through competitive exclusion.
BBSH 797 is a microorganism of the genus Eubacterium, which isolation and stabilization processes were patented by Biomin. This organism has the ability to rapidly proliferate in the intestinal tract of animals. During its metabolic growth, BBSH 797 produces specific enzymes capable of deactivating mycotoxins by degrading their molecules.
The natural proliferation of BBSH 797 and its settling in the digestive tract, also inhibit the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria through competitive exclusion, significantly reducing the number of “interactant” elements, which would maximizethe adverse effects of mycotoxins, also generating an effect of “growth promoter”.

Phytogenic Substances
Blend of herbal extracts that mitigates the adverse effect caused by mycotoxins and other inflammatory and hepatotoxic agents.
The occupation of the receptor cells in the liver by flavonolignans produces a hepato-protective effect when preventing toxins from penetrating easily through cell membranes of the liver. Saponins and terpenoids contained in the herbal extracts reduce inflammation and protect the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract.

Phycophytic Constituents
They strengthen the animal immune system response and significantly compensate for the immunosuppressive effects of mycotoxins.
The phycophytic constituents modulate immune responses and stimulate the metabolic functions. Thus, they support the DNA synthesis and the conversion and catabolism of amino acids which are crucial factors in cell proliferation.

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