Biomin® Milk TopStart

In today‘s conventional feeding systems for calves, it is common to use 100 – 125 g of milk replacer powder per liter water. Due to restricted feeding with a maximum of 5 – 6 liters CMR per day, calves consume approximately 500 – 600 g of milk powder. However, new research has shown that adequate protein supply and nutrition in the first weeks of life contribute to better immunity, lower mortality and higher growth. Further advantages include shortened time to first calving, and enhanced future production ability. To achieve this goal, calves should get at least 900 – 950 g of milk replacer powder per day. High growth rates, good immunity and well developed heifer calves are the basis for high performing dairy cows later on.

Biomin® Milk TopStart is a calf milk replacer (CMR) with 20 % skimmed milk powder and beneficial feed additives. Biomin® Milk TopStart is designed with state-of-the-art knowledge to fulfill nutritional requirements of healthy and fast growing calves. Specifically selected, high quality raw materials ensure high digestibility and easily absorbable protein. Skimmed milk powder is the preferred protein for use in milk replacers for high daily weight gains in calves. Furthermore, protein from whey powder is more easily digestible than plant protein. High quality fat supports the energy metabolism of the calf and thereby enables high daily weight gains with good physical development. Instead of spray dried fat powder, Biomin® Milk TopStart contains fat-whey powder which has

• Smaller particle size

• Better homogenity

• Higher digestibility

• Better solubility

Digestarom® P.E.P., a synergistic blend of essential oils and functional plant extracts, stabilizes the intestinal flora and improves performance. Probiotics (Enterococcus faecium) and citric acid help maintain beneficial intestinal microflora and support gut health and digestive capacity. Furthermore minerals, trace elements and vitamins secure optimal calf skeletal development, growth and health.

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