Diaz, G. J., A. Cortes, and L. Roldan

The possible protective effect of 4 feed additives against the toxic effects of T-2 toxin in growing broiler chickens was investigated in a 28-d fully randomized trial consisting of 6 dietary treatments (control with no T-2 toxin or feed additive added, 2 ppm T-2 toxin alone, 2 ppm T-2 toxin plus 2.0 g/kg Mycofix, 2 ppm T-2 toxin plus 2.0 g/kg Mycosorb, 2 ppm T-2 toxin plus 2.5 g/kg MycoAd, and 2 ppm T-2 toxin plus 3.0 g/kg Zeolex). When no feed additive was included, 2 ppm dietary T-2 toxin significantly decreased BW and increased feed:gain ratio. When 2.0 g/kg Mycofix were added to the diet, the feed additive protected against the adverse effects of T-2 toxin on BW, BW gain, and feed:gain ratio; however, no protection against the adverse effects of T-2 toxin on final BWandBWgain were obtained by

supplementation of any of the other 3 feed additives.Asignificant increase in relative gizzard weight was observed in chicks fed 3 of the additives (Mycosorb, MycoAd, and Zeolex) but not in those fed T-2 toxin alone or combined with Mycofix. Chicks supplemented with Zeolex plus T-2 toxin had a significantly decreased aspartate aminotransferase serum activity compared with controls. The results of the present trial indicate that the only feed additive capable of counteracting the adverse effects on performance caused by the dietary administration of 2 ppm T-2 toxin was the additive based on the enzymatic inactivation of the 12,13-epoxide ring of the trichothecenes (Mycofix). This study also confirms previous reports showing that aluminosilicates are not effective against trichothecene mycotoxins.


کد مقاله : MPP-003




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