کد مقاله : DPA-001

Fariborz Taghavi, Mehrdad Nasri Tajan, Abbas Ali Zamini

This study is evaluated the effects of Biomin P.E.P supplement on growth indices, blood and immune factors, and intestine bacterial flora of Bester juvenile fish. The survey is conducted on Bester juvenile sturgeons in fisheries laboratory located in Islamic Azad University Science and Research of Guilan Branch in the fall of 1392. The completely random scheme of the research includes 4 treatments each of which has 3 repetitions. The supplement was added to the basal diet on 4 levels of 0, 1, 1/5, and 2 g / kg.72 of 45-g Bester fish were fed for 60 days based on 5 percent of the body weight in 12 tanks (100-liter) that 6 fish in each tank. At the end of the farming period some of the growth indices, blood and immune factors, and intestine bacterial flora were compared.

So that in treatment 2 and in the level of 1/5 g/kg in some growth and nutrition factors such as average initial weight, total weight, total length, FCR, SGR, PBWI, BWI, ADG, at the end of the period, a significant difference was observed between treatment and control (P<0.05). But in the factors like Average initial length and Condition Factor (K), there was no statistically significant differences between treatment and control at the end of the period (P>0.05). Evaluation of blood factors indicated that the rate of red blood cells (RBC), white blood cell(WBC), hemoglobin (Hb), hematocrit (HCT), neutrophils, has decreased by increasing amounts of Biomin P.E.P compared to the control, and showed significant statistically difference (P<0.05). In evaluation of biochemical and immune factors, the amount of total immunoglobulin, albumin, total protein with different amounts of Biomin P.E.P had significant statistically difference (P<0.05).Therefore, this supplement affects the blood biochemical factors and can influence on their recovery. The total count of bacterial flora in the dilution TSA 10-1 showed that the levels of 1 and 1/5 g/kg has less amount compared to the control, and in MRS10-1 at the level of 1 g/kg LAB bacteria were higher compared to control, and it can be said with reducing bacteria on TSA, LAB bacteria have been replaced. it is therefore suggested of 1/5 g Biomin Nutritional Supplement in the 1 kg diet.


کد مقاله : DPA-001




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