کد مقاله : BIA-006

Hamed Nekoubin, Esmail Gharedaashi, Mohammad Reza Imanpour, Hashem Nowferesti and Alireza Asgharimoghadam

This study (at 90 days) was carried out to evaluate the effect of synbiotic (Biomin imbo) on growth factors and survival rate of Zebrafish (Danio rerio) larvae via supplementation with Biomar. The synbiotic were used in three concentrations of 0.5, 1, 1.5 g/Kg of diet. The Zebrafish larvae in experimental treatments were fed of the three levels of synbiotic with 4 percent body weight (3 times a day). The larvae in control treatment were fed without supplemented Biomar. The growth factors and survival rate of larvae fed on synbiotic were compared to those fishes in control treatment that fed of unsupplemented Biomar. The results showed that larvae fed the synbiotic had significantly increased final body weight in comparison to control treatment.

The synbiotic also had significant positive effects on specific growth rate (SGR) and food conversation efficiency (FCE) in comparison to those fed the control treatment. The food conversation ratio (FCR) and condition factor (CF) were significantly decreased in comparison with the control treatment (p<0.05). Also survival rate in experimental treatments in comparison with control treatment, was significantly increased (p<0.05).


کد مقاله : BIA-006




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