کد مقاله : BSP-009

S. Cakir, M. Midilli, H. Erol, N. Simsek, M. Cinar, A. Altintas, H. Alp, L. Altintas, O. Cengiz, A. Antalyali

The aim of the present study was to compare the effects of Biomin®IMBO (combination of probiotic, prebiotic, phytogenic substances and cell wall fragments), of Biotronic (combination of formic and propionic acid based on an inorganic phyllosilicate carrier), of a combination of the Biomin® IMBO and Biotronic and of an antibiotic, avilamycin, as feed additives on the growth performance, several serum parameters and digestive villus height of quails. A total of 300 1-day-old Japanese quail chicks were randomly divided into 5 experimental groups with 4 replicates of 15 birds per replicate.

The experimental design consisted of 5 dietary treatments: 1) a control diet without supplementation; 2) a diet with Biomin®IMBO at a level of 0.1 kg/100 kg feed; 3) a diet with Biotronic at a level of 0.4 kg/100 kg feed; 4) a diet with a Biomin®IMBO and Biotronic combination at levels given above; 5) a diet with avilamycin at a level of 10 mg/kg feed. Birds consuming diet supplemented with Biomin®IMBO, Biotronic and the combination of Biomin®IMBO and Biotronic, had a significantly (P<0.05) higher duodenal villus height. Single use of Biomin®IMBO and Biotronic also caused significantly higher jejunal (P<0.05) villus height. No significant differences in serum parameters were found among groups according to dietary supplements. No beneficial effect of dietary supplements on growth performance, feed intake, feed efficieny and absolute and proportional organ weights could be observed. The beneficial effects of such supplements could be more evident in other circumstances, like stress.


کد مقاله : BSP-009




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