کد مقاله : BIA-010

Mahdi Vaezi, Hossein Khara, Alireza Shenavar

We investigated the efficiency of Synbiotic (Biomin imbo) in alternation and stabilization of gut microflora of Russian sturgeon, Acipenser guldenstadti. For this purpose, five experimental treatments and one control group with three replicates were considered. In treatment groups, fish were fed with diet containing 1 (T1), 1.5 (T2), 2 (T3), 2.5 (T4) and 3 (T5) g Synbiotic/kg diet. In control group, fish were fed without supplement of Synbiotic. Sampling for bacterial studies was conducted at days 20, 40 and 60 after the beginning of the experiment. According to results, there were no significant differences in total bacterial count between Synbiotic treatments and also in comparison with control group 20 days after the beginning of the experiment (P[0.05). At days 40 and 60 of experiment,

the highest total bacterial counts were observed in control and T1 group respectively. At day 20, the lactic acid bacteria count was higher significantly in Synbiotic treatments compared to control group (P\0.05). In all sa  ling times (i.e. days 20, 40 and 60), the highest lactic acid bacteria count was observed in fish fed with 3 g Synbiotic/kg diet i.e. treatment 5 (P\0.05). In each experimental group, total bacteria and lactic acid bacteria counts increased significantly as the duration of experiment expanded. In this regard, these parameters were significantly higher at day 60 compared to day 40 and 20 (P\0.05). In conclusion, our results showed that Synbiotic (Biomin imbo) alters and stabilizes efficiently the microflora of Russian sturgeon gut towards lactic acid bacteria in a time-dependent pattern.


کد مقاله : BIA-010




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