کد مقاله : BIP-005

Seyed Mozafar Mehdizadeh, Morteza Peirovi, Hossein Noroozian, Houshang Lotfollahian, and Seyed Abdollah Hosseini

Objectives:An experiment was conducted under completely randomized design to study the comparing effect of different level of Aleo Vera Jelly Powder (AVJP), probiotics and antibiotic on performance, immune response, carcass characteristics and blood biochemistry of broiler chicks.
Materials & Methods:960 thirteen day old Cobb chicks were randomly distributed into five experimental diets with four replicate (based on pens, each replicates consist of 60 and 30 birds) with feed and water ad libitum for 22 days. The experimental diets were as follows: 1-Basal diet (without feed additives), 2-Diets consist of 0.1% AVJP, 3-Diets consist of 0.2% AVJP, 4-Diet consist of antibiotic 20ppm, 5- Diet consist of probiotics 0.1%.

Two birds (28 d) from each replicate were selected randomly and blood was collected to study the blood biochemistry and carcass traits.
Results & Conclusion:As the result revealed, feed additives did not affect body weight throughout the experimental period significantly. Numerically, the higher and the lower daily body weight gain were observed in chicks with diets containing probiotics and antibiotics respectively. Improved feed efficiency belonged to diets supplemented with probiotics. Aleo Vera jelly powder (AVJP) improved feed efficiency as compared to control groups. The higher and the lower feed intake showed in diets supplemented with AVJP 0.2% and diets containing probiotics 0.1% respectively. Non- significant higher carcass and live body weight ratio referred to diets containing AVJP 0.1% and control groups respectively. Significantly higher and the lower abdominal fat percentage were observed in chicks consumed AVJP 0.1% and diets included with antibiotics (p<0.05). Aleo vera jelly powder significantly improved immune responses through increasing weight of burs gland (p<0.05). Numerically AVJP increased number of WBC and increased significantly influenza and Newcastle disease titrations (p<0.05). The higher and the lower blood cholesterol were related to the diets supplemented with probiotics nd 0.1% AVJP respectively (p<0.05).


کد مقاله : BIP-005




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